With more than 15 years of experience in the 
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What we do and why it matters

At MetroKleen, our cleaning and sanitization experts do not just aimlessly pick and throw the trash or wipe away the visible dust. Instead, we chase the bacteria and virus till the very end and make sure that your office is bacteria-free and healthy. Going beyond what naked eyes can see, we help you get rid of every unseen germ. And this is what we are known for in Boston and around Massachusetts: excellence and perfection. 

Respecting and believing in transparency, at MetroKleen, we strive to keep all our clients aware of the products and methods used in the cleaning process. And we proudly inform you that we are an environment-friendly commercial cleaning service provider, and we use green cleaning products that cause minimal or no harm to the environment. 
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Our Vision and Mission

One of the main goals that we are continually working towards is maintaining our position as a leading cleaning company for offices and offering cost-effective, reliable, and top-notch services. Understanding the significance of a healthy and presentable work environment, we envision keeping your commercial building spotlessly clean. We know that the onus of protecting your brand’s image is on us. Therefore, we go out of the way to design and implement perfect solutions to your unique cleaning needs. 

Our Values

  • Client-oriented: MetroKleen is, and will always be, a client-centric office cleaning service provider. Our clients are the sole reason that we have seen the zeniths of success in this industry. Therefore, we have and will continue to value them.
  • Eco-Friendly: As we have mentioned before, we care for our clients and environment alike. Thus, we choose our cleaning products with meticulous care. Along with having a low impact on the environment, the products we use to clean commercial buildings are highly effective. 
  • Excellence and Innovation: To ensure high service and professionalism standards, every employee we hire is first screened, trained, and background-checked. We are always up-to-date with the latest innovations in eco-friendly products and cleaning methodologies. This is why we can bring the best into our client’s businesses.
  • Expansion / Growth: We believe in creating and nurturing long-lasting relations with our employees and making an environment wherein they feel free to speak their hearts out. Along with maintaining healthy relationships with our existing employees, we make ourselves known in the community and try to bring more skilled people to work for us to serve you better.

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Our Team
​of Experts

Every employee we hire has to go through a screening process and then be trained in every aspect of cleaning services. So, you are in safe hands as you work with a fully-trained and highly professional group of individuals.

Siagny R. Ortiz   


Jose Ramirez


Sandra Ramirez

Account Manager 

Sean Williams 

Sales Manager

Grace Smith


Elena Wally

Customer Service Manager

Nolan A. Pet

Clients Portal IT

Cindy Castro


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