Shopping malls and complexes see thousands of visitors every day and with those crowds come big messes, especially in the food court. Trays fall, garbage’s overflow and floors become sticky hazards waiting for shoppers to slip and fall. An unclean mall loses clients as well as business leases very quickly. MetroKleen is a full janitorial and building maintenance company in MA dedicated to the quality and proper sanitation of your shopping center. A clean mall will attract more clients who want to spend more time in your mall, ultimately spending more money at stores and on services. MetroKleen will keep your shopping center, including the food court, looking fresh and tidy every morning, giving shoppers an excellent impression and welcoming them into your stores. 

We offer a wide variety of services such as carpet cleaning, strip and waxing floors, window cleaning and cleaning supplies at extremely competitive prices. Any of these services can be customize and added to the monthly payment depending on client needs.

We provide our clients a list of services to be performed on a daily , weekly and monthly basis so they can be sure the work we promised it's getting done accordingly , in addition we will provide our customers a logbook as a communication tool where the customer can write a note for a special request or to inform us that we are forgetting to do something so we will make sure it will be taken care of in a promptly manner.

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